Monday, 18 March 2013

Read Aloud Day at Mangonui Library - 6 March 2013

Read Aloud Day!

On Wednesday we walked to the Mangonui Public Library to celebrate 'Read Aloud Day'. 
There was a special guest at the library. Her name was Donna Blaber and she is an author. She read to us some of her little picture books she has written. After she read them to us we got to pass them around and have a look at them. Then we asked her some questions.

After Donna shared her writing with us we made a giant book worm and had a tour through the Mangonui library. At the very end we got a treat from the librarians...Thanks so much!

Donna Blaber reading her books to us.
Asking Donna Blaber some questions about her writing.

Looking at Donna's books
Going through the library
We made a giant book worm to tour the library.
Getting a special treat!

Camp - 13th - 14th March 2013

Nga Ringa Awhina Camp

Day 1

We arrived at school and set up our tents.
We walked down to Mangonui boardwalk and went fishing. We also had our lunch there. It was a very hot day but we were very successful and a lot of fish were caught.
After walking back up to school we had some free time where we got to play on the playground and the bouncy castle.
At 1:30 we headed off to Coca-Cola Lake where we got to have a beautiful swim in the cool water. We used nets to catch some tiny fish in the lake and played with the sand toys  too. For afternoon tea at the lake we had fruit and biscuits.
We returned back to our camp at school at about 4 o'clock.
At 5:30 we had hamburgers for dinner and fruit salad and ice cream for pudding. We all got dressed in our pyjamas, had "Jump Jam in our Jarmies', did some reading in our tents and then hopped into bed to go to sleep.

Day 2
In the morning when we got up we made our breakfast (toast, milo and weetbix), made our lunch and morning tea. We packed our bags and got ready for our bush walk.
At 9 o'clock the bus arrived and took us to the Kerikeri Stone Store reserve. We had morning tea there and meet up with Mr Sedcole. We got into our groups and then set off for our walk along the Kerikeri River Track to the Rainbow Falls. Along the way we did a picture scavenger hunt. It was a beautiful walk and many of us got to see Tui, Rosellas, Wood piegon, Fantail, Kauri, Totora and Silver Fern.
At the end of the walk we saw the Rainbow Falls and went and sat down for lunch. We returned to school on the bus, packed up our tents and bags and went for a swim in the pool before heading home. 

Fishing at Mangonui Boardwalk
Sharing the rods so everyone could fish.

Helping bring in the catch.

Fish caught in the net at the lake.

Playing in the sand at the lake.
Looking for little fish in the lake.

Jump Jam in our Jarmies.
Reading in our tents before bed time.

Ready for bed.

Morning Tea before our bush walk.
Spotting trees from the scavenger hunt book.

Lunch at Rainbow Falls.

Mangonui School Beach Day - 22 February 2013

Beach Day!!

Mangonui School went to Coopers Beach for a 'Beach day'. It was a beautiful summers day and everyone had a wonderful time. 
First we went on a scavenger hunt to find things to put on our sand castles.
Then we went into groups and made some awesome sand castles. Everyone worked so well as a team.
We had a couple of swims and got to have lots of fun time playing with our friends on the beach.
What a great day out!

Going on a scavenger hunt to find things for our sand castles

Boys playing a game of football at the beach.

Juniors going for a swim.

Practising riding the waves.

Dr Frank's visit - 1 March 2013

Dr Frank's Visit

We have been learning lots about our bodies so we asked Dr Frank to show us some of his equipment and answer some of our questions.

 Dr Frank brought his brown doctor's bag and inside it he had lots of things. 

He showed us a little box of different types of medicines he uses....

 ...a otoscope to look into people's ears....
 ... a blood pressure mointor and stethoscope. Mrs Gorries got her blood pressure checked by Dr Frank.
 Dr Frank showed us the syringe part of an injection.
 He put on his white coat that he wears in special places like the hospital.
Some of us got to have a turn of the stethoscope and  tried to see if we could hear Dr Franks heart beating.

Thanks Dr Frank for visiting us!!

St John's Ambulance Visit 7 March 2013

Ambulance Visit

We have been learning lots about our bodies especially  our bones, so we asked the Coopers Beach St John's Ambulance to visit us to teach us more.

 St John's Ambulance from Coopers Beach came to visit our school.
 We got to hop into the old and VERY new ambulance and see what was inside. 
 We used the stethoscope to hear our heart beat...
  ... we tried on some of the uniforms that Ambulance officers wear...
 ...we got to sit right up the front at the drivers wheel. We heard a lady on the radio telling all the officers different jobs to attend...
 ...we took our blood-oxygen levels with an oximeter....
 ... and we asked lots of questions.

Thanks for visiting us!!